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Self-studying Japanese in Japan while your full-time working.

Let's say you are super lucky and all the starts got aligned exclusively for you, you find quick a not-so-cheap room, a decent job, a lovely and intelligent girl, had two or three friends to drink and talk with, and 5 years resident VISA in Japan, then what?. Time in Tokyo goes faster than anywhere else --I think-- I don't know why..., back in small town, the days are long and feels so slow. For my personal notes I arrive to Tokyo on Saturday March 28th at 21:30 aprox, (flight time was delayed +1 hour) "now it has been 6 months living in Tokyo, I can't belive" -- Plucas I pay my tuition in advanced for 6 months (±400,000 Yens) but I couldn't finished because I got  a job and I had to quit the school at 3rd month, that was a sad decision, because I really want to learn the language, but my budget even if I got arubaito (temporary work) since day 0 I wouldn't have the money to pay the tuition and living expenses, so I decided to get the job, the visa, a