Mostrando las entradas de agosto, 2015

Big in Japan!

This is my first entry from Tokyo, Japan, Can you believe it?, just in February I was doing the same routine as always for the last 8 years, and I will describe back my days in Cancun, just before I forgot how was it: Life in Cancun (For 8 years)  Choco (My chow chow dog) wake me up around 9am for a small walk and do his business then I get back home, shower and go to work, I drive 13 mins and arrive at work around 10 pm, some meetings with boss, read some mails, then eat with my best-friend somewhere with air-conditioned and then got back, more meetings, revisions, discussions, decisions and tons of mails. I usually finish around 7 pm and got back home to another walk with my dog. then some PS4 gaming and go to sleep. Weekends I usually got out with my girlfriend and her two children, to eat and go out to mall / cinema and sometimes we did a long car trip to Rivera Maya. It was not that bad. I feel lucky, I never feel insecure in Cancun and I was never directly affected by