martes, agosto 11, 2015

Big in Japan!

This is my first entry from Tokyo, Japan, Can you believe it?, just in February I was doing the same routine as always for the last 8 years, and I will describe back my days in Cancun, just before I forgot how was it:

Life in Cancun (For 8 years) 

Choco (My chow chow dog) wake me up around 9am for a small walk and do his business then I get back home, shower and go to work, I drive 13 mins and arrive at work around 10 pm, some meetings with boss, read some mails, then eat with my best-friend somewhere with air-conditioned and then got back, more meetings, revisions, discussions, decisions and tons of mails. I usually finish around 7 pm and got back home to another walk with my dog. then some PS4 gaming and go to sleep.
Weekends I usually got out with my girlfriend and her two children, to eat and go out to mall / cinema and sometimes we did a long car trip to Rivera Maya. It was not that bad.

I feel lucky, I never feel insecure in Cancun and I was never directly affected by this, but several close friend WERE affected by insecurity. Life in Cancun is a WAAAAY better than in Mexico City where I lived first 27 years of my life. (In my personal opinion)

You looked happy, then what happened?

Move to Tokio was a decision of life (literally speaking), As I starting to thinking about death, and get  scared of that subject, I start analyzing what's wrong with me why am I afraid?, I finally discovered that I was not able to continue my actual life as it is, I need to pursued my most ambitious and crazy dream, migrate to Japan. I visited Japan for pleasure 28 days in 2010 and 1 month in 2014 and got in love with it. Tokyo is one the best places to live, according to several sources (I own you the sources just believe me for now) but it's not for everybody, there is a rule for everything, some people just got tired or scared, and also Japan migration department ask for several requirements to get a temporal residence here.

The decision...

I start researching everything from December 2014 and thank to a real good friend in Japan, good advises and moral support from exa-tecs japan:, and the support of my parents, of course, I started the process. I need to remark that nobody know anything until the last month.

The no-return point was to pay 6 months of tuition for school (lot of money), then I had 28 days to leave and prepare everything.. EVERYTHING, house, visa, car, dog, friends,  work, furniture, books, and also set the new place to live, and organize everything, only thing I need was my laptop, visa/passport, some clothes and money in USD.

The original plan...

Once I paid I feel relive and everything happened so fast. I traveled at the end March to Tokyo,  I felt  nice when I got my student visa resident card, the plan was to study Japanese for 6 months, and then try to get a full time job... But the problem is that my budget will be finished after 4 months... so I need a job FAST.

(That tasks looks impossible at that moment because YOU NEED TO SPEAK JAPANESE to get a Job, that's the easy part, the problem is TO READ... The second option was temporally job, you can live with that but not to pay the japanese school tuition and live.)

Then everything changed...

Facing life alone in other country makes a big deal in your priorities, you start JUDGING and ASKING yourself for all your principles: religion, believes, things you think you love, favorite things, all the basic values that your parents teach you and even the society teach you, everything falls apart. You start being YOU instead of someones else  or "nice role model so you can fit in the society".

Luckyly, a friend from exatec Japan send to a group chat this page: I find several interesting jobs, I got interviews, and 2 weeks later I got a proposal, and in fact I got two proposal (the other one was from Rakuten), finally I got to make a decision, and I started into Skillhouse, At 4th month luckily I had my 5 years old working visa.


Not everything was that simply if you made some big strategic moves in your life maybe you can loose important things: I have to broke long relationship with everybody: girlfriend, boss, friends, also I won't be able to see my parents and sisters that easily, and  Choco is no longer with me. And of course all the delicious Mexican food I used to eat, all they are gone in these new reality.

But after this revolution I met someone special who is supporting me a lot in this process of adaptation.  If you reach this part of the text, thank you,

Please if you are planning to do something that scares you but makes you feel butterflies on your stomach and you think about it everyday, please do not hesitate, prepare yourself hard and DO IT.


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