Apex Legends random minimize screen during game and GPU crashing

I got this beatifull monitor 27GP950-B LG brand, for playing games, and one of the features is the Sphere Lighting (LED Lighting) of LG UltraGear™ so install:

- [Windows] LG UltraGear™ Control Center

It's nice, in video sync mode it mimic what you have on the screen and put's on the leds in the back of the monitor for fully immersion it looks nice I was satisfied. 


First days I have my new Alienware laptop I immediatly install this LG UltraGear Control Center to enjoy that feature but I notice that Apex Legengs was minimizing the screen randomly, to be honest at that I point I didn't know if that was the issue, so I reinstall Windows 10 and all drivers, and for some weeks seems working fine, but randomly I notice that this game was doing the same.

Then when Windows 11 released I upgrade and try, I notice the same in general, so I decided to do a factory reset to Windows 10 and then upgrade, so I finish with a "clean" Windows 11 installation, and at some point I think it was fixed, but never really stop minimizing randomly, time to time.

Then last month I upgrade Geforce Driver and several GPU crashes and it was insane bad, I couldn't play and all my matches I was waiting for a major GPU crash, or random minimize of the screen.

One day using the monitor I wanted to change the brightness of my external monitor, but I remember there is a software for controlling so I went to the same link and download 

- [Windows] OnScreen Control

Once I installed I notice that there was having several bugs, and it was not working propertly so I play Apex legends and notice that app got minimized immediatly, and try to play, and voila, again minimize I was not able to play for some minutes. 


What I did was removing OnScreen Control by LG, then I thought, maybe is that buggy software from LG, so I also remove LG UltraGear Control Center, and play some games...

Done. No minimizing, no GPU errors, no nothing, Apex Legends (the game I play most in the last year) was working without issues and no single minimize windows or error, all my games I complete because I lost or win, but not because GPU errors or tired of screen being minimized by something.


LG software has not been propertly test, it's a pitty not to be able to use the leds in the back monitor, but no point if you can't literally play anything.

Also I don't like that you can't disable completly that leds in the back. Everytime I start the monitor the leds do a little dancing and I really like it but sometimes I want to disable it!

If you are having issue with this error about minimize screen or random GPU errors or crashes in the game, I suggest to uninstall all LG software (and maybe other RGB drivers) you migh be able to fix and enjoy your laptop or pc rig.


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