Netflix Error code: U7353-5101-3 (Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Alienware X17 R1 with 27GP950-B LG external monitor)

This is a troubleshooting on going issue on my setup at home.

Some months ago I got a new laptop and Alienware X17 R1 with a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, so far so good, I update to Windows 11 Home without issues.

What I also got an external 27" LG gaming monitor, model 27GP950-B to play games and enjoy some movies, capable of 4K HDR600 1ms, 144Hz.

  • I play Netflix on my laptop itself, have no issue.
  • I connect external monito to PS5 using HDMI 2.1, no issue I can play 4K HDR 120Hz.
  • I work / play using USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type C port) with DisplayPort, support 4K HDR 144Hz, no issues.
Actual Issue:

Problem is Netflix, 

  • When I try to play any series, movie, anything on netflix it shows this nasty error and a black screen is being shown on monitor: Error code: U7353-5101-3

  1. I report to Netflix support directly, what they ask me is to remove HDR and low the resolution, and I don't think that's a good solution.
  2. This is the only application that I have problem, so I'm pretty confident is Netflix some way of anti-piracy protection.
  3. I already try the web version and the Windows 11 App in the Windows Store, both do the same: a black screen, no audio, sometimes you can hear the audio, never any video.
  4. Is possible that LG monitor is lacking some feature required to play, but not sure at this point

I already give up, so I wrote this blog, if someone find how to resolve, please share. If there is no solution to the issue, better to warn users that pretend to get a laptop with GeForce 3070 and an LG 27"external monitor, that Netflix won't work, so avoid buying it.

I'll update in the future if I can find a solution, please comment, if you want me to try something.


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