Upgrading my iPhone to 2.1

Yesterday I was crossing my fingers to avoid convert my iPhone in a high-technology brick upgrading to 2.1, I was waiting zibi to get a new release of ziphone to get a new release, but several weeks passed and still nothing new for the latest firmware, add this to my desire to get this juicy version of Steve Jobs' iPhone firmware making it irresistable because the great games and new fresh apps for my baby.

I follow iClarified Guide to unlock/jailbreak 2.1 iPhone and belive me I was nervous because I could convert my 500dll most addictive and appreciate technology to a expensive brick or a very nice souvenir "I used to own an iPhone". Well I tried and followed step-by-step the guide and suddenly something wrong happend iTunes 8 sent me a funny error and I got crazy, my Iphone goes white like if I were running a lamp application. Shit I said!, I turn off the cell and turn on, my iPhone was still intact, and all my music, preferences, contacts and mail was there, so I took a deep breath.

Later on at night I decided to erase Pwnage 2.1 and keep my 1.0.4 firmware for iPhone with my old apps, my wedict, shopping list, etc. but again my technologic side told me, upgrade upgrade!!!... so I did, I tried again the step-by-step guide and was a perfect upgrade, sucesfully upgraded, unlocked and jailbreaked!

So I do recommend this guide and Pwnage 2.1 solution for unlock/jailbreak and to upgrade from ziphone 1.0.4 unlock solution to this Pwnage 2.1 unlock solution.

If you have a question or want me to unlock your iPhone it will cost you, because there is always the risk to mess up your expensive cell.

As a conclussion, I love my Iphone. I am downloading Need for Speed clone for it and it looks nice. I'll tell you later.


Liliana Salazar dijo…
Te conté que se me cayó mi IPhone y quedó paralizado de la mitad para abajo? bua buah buah

Amigo te extraño.

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